Rhodes massage with wellness & essential oils - massage in rhodes island

rhodes massage

relax & rejoice

at the comfort of your place

massage in rhodes island

massage in Rhodes island

natural oil application sessions

massage prices rhodes

affordable massage prices

40 euros / hour

Rhodes Massage

Relax, rejoice and reconnect with yourself through the wellness of organic oils and essential oils.

Massage Cost


For a specific arrangement or a better price deal please use our contact form or the contact links
For locations beyond Rhodes town, Ixia and Ialyssos there is an extra cost of transportation fees, please check out the booking form.

Off season offer


Dec. 23rd - April 24th

Only for sessions at Rodini spot: Stokholmis str. 24, 85100 Rhodes city
No show or cancellation fee
No show or cancellation from the client for any reason will incur a fee for the full-priced session
In our booking system customers are not given the capability to choose or request the gender (male/female) of the professional that will show up for the session.
Our company does not discriminate based on race, national origin, gender, religion, or physical appearance.
Check with reception
If you are staying at a hotel, before booking an appointment with us, please check with the hotel's reception if they allow our services in their premises (they might have a spa, strict rules, another collaborating company, etc).

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